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Top 7 Bitcoin Mixers and Tumblers to use in 2022 and Beyond
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Initially, Bitcoin transactions were said to be anonymous and completely private. Bitcoin is considered a payment method that cannot be tracked down. But instead, information about Bitcoin transactions is open to third parties. But what if you want to make a completely anonymous Bitcoin transaction? Well, this is where the concept of Bitcoin mixers comes into place.
Bitcoin mixers are pretty helpful when you want to protect your privacy and hide where your transactions are going.
However, this is still a pretty new concept to many. So if you are wondering what it is, here is an explanation:
What is a Bitcoin Mixer?
A bitcoin mixer or tumbler is an external service. It is basically an internet platform that offers you the mixing service for your coins.
The service mixes different streams of cryptocurrency and anonymizes it. As a result, you get to gain complete privacy of your transactions and funds. Because Bitcoin mixers make it hard to trace the transaction.
Also, in today's time, bitcoin mixer services have become a necessity. Since almost all the crypto exchanges now require your personal documents to prove your identity. As a result, your transactions are accessible.
Though there are many anonymous crypto exchanges available in the market which don't require you to do a KYC but they have their own set of challenges and risks to use.
The job of a Bitcoin mixer is to break down your funds into smaller sets and mix them up with other transactions. After this process, the recipient gets the same value in Bitcoin. But instead, they receive a different set of coins.
As a result, bitcoin tracing becomes more difficult, and the bitcoin mixer breaks the link between those specific coins and an individual.
Also, when you use Bitcoin Tumblers, you receive new coins which are not really associated with your identity. Hence, you regain your privacy.
However, bitcoin mixer services attract a small fee. But they are pretty helpful in confusing bitcoin tracking solutions tracking down your transactions.

Top 7 Bitcoin Mixers and Tumblers

1. [url=https://blenderio.org]Blender.io[/url]

Lastly, there is [url=https://hydraru.io/t...-bitkoin-mikser.690]Blender.io[/url]. This is another easy to use Bitcoin mixer that you can try out. Also, it doesn't require you to have any pre-mixing knowledge.
The best part of the website is that it allows the users to determine how much they want to pay as a service fee. Also, it has a welcome minimum deposit fee. So you can experiment with the website.
It charges a service fee between 0.05% and 2.5%. And as a user, you can choose the amount to be paid for each transaction.
Moreover, it requires a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC. Along with that, it is extremely fast. As it requires only one network confirmation to process your order. Additionally, you can add a delay of up to 24 hours.
Plus, it supports multiple BTC addresses. Also, it has a no data retention policy. As a result, all data gets deleted after 24 hours of executing an order.

Closing Words:
So that was all about what is a Bitcoin mixer and the top bitcoin mixers and tumblers available out there. Now go ahead and check these services out and see if they are working for you. Also, for any other questions, do feel free to comment below.

2. [url=https://ultramixer-btc.com]ULTRAMIXER[/url]

Next, there is the ULTRAMIXER. This one is one of the high-quality bitcoin mixing services available out there. The platform makes it extremely easy to mix your cryptocurrency.
FoxMixer works as a state of the art service for restoring and keeping security and privacy in the bitcoin ecosystem. It accepts your Bitcoin and mixes them in a huge and constantly changing pool of Bitcoin, and returns a new and fully independent set of Bitcoins.
As a result, it comes tough for backtracking of transactions. So no one will get to know where you have spent your bitcoins.
Along with that, it also offers you a detailed page that informs you about the current progress of every mix. So you can get quick information about the procedure.
Also, once a mix is created, the individual status page is the central and reliable source of information throughout the whole lifecycle of the mix. So you can bookmark the page to get every information about your mix.
Plus, it offers random transactions according to the current trading volume. This really helps in making your transactions blend in.

3. [url=https://smartbitmix-btc.com]SmartMixer[/url]

SmartMixer is another popular service that you can try out. The service is extremely easy. All you need to do is enter the address and send coins, and the platform will mix your coins. Then the receiver will get untraceable coins.
The platform gives you 100% anonymity by deleting all the details of transactions immediately after mixing.
Along with that, the link to check the status of the mixing process will get deleted 24 after or you can delete it manually. Also, it doesn't really require any personal information from you. Or you need to create an account.
In addition to that, it uses 3 different pools with cryptocurrencies of different combinations of sources. As a result, your bitcoin becomes completely anonymous.
Moreover, SmartMixer also has affordable services fees as it only charges you 1%. The discount will be automatically calculated depending on the total amount on each currency you have mixed.
Also, it is extremely fast. As it only requires two confirmations to complete a transaction.

4. [url=https://anonymix-btc.com]Anonymix[/url]

Up next, there is the Anonymix. This Bitcoin mixer offers you tons of features, and it is extremely easy to use. The best part of Anonymix is that it comes with speed and security.
You can simply choose a quick mix to receive your coins after one confirmation. Also, you can implement extra security by using a timed or random delay to make your coins difficult to track.
It is also a high capacity mixer. As the platform holds crypto assets in both hot and cold storage. And the mix can handle up to 180 bitcoins.
Furthermore, you can increase the security of your mix by making deposits from multiple wallets. Or send your mixed funds to up to five receiving addresses. Also, it issues a certificate of origin with every mix.
What's more? The platform also keeps zero logs. Plus, it offers you the option to delete your mix immediately. Or it gets auto-deleted after one week.

5. [url=https://cryptomixer-btc.com]CryptoMixer[/url]

Next, there is the CryptoMixer. The platform offers you a letter of guarantee for every transaction, and it is extremely secure.
CryptoMixer uses advanced encryption methods to ensure the integrity of all data stored. Plus, it minimizes the risk of blockchain analysis. Along with that, it provides you with a unique code to prevent mixing their coins with the ones they've sent to us before.
Along with that, it offers you impressive mixing capabilities. It doesn't matter if you want to mix 0.001 BTC or several hundreds of coins, it offers you a convenient solution.
Also, it has over 2000 BTC in its cryptocurrency reserves. So mixing large amounts of bitcoins won't be an issue.
Along with that, it only charges 1% and more for each transaction. Also, it helps you avoid overspending as it offers you affordable fees, which are about 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC and can be customized.

6. [url=https://cryptomixer-btc.com]Mixertumbler[/url]

You can also try using the Mixer Tumbler. It is one of the best Bitcoin mixers that allows you to send BTC anonymously. It uses several Bitcoin pools for low value and high-value transactions. As a result, you will receive untraceable coins.
Also, its mixer cannot be listed by blockchain analysis or other forms of research. So your coins are protected.
As well as it ensures that your identity is private, as it has a no-logs policy. Also, the platform deletes your transaction history 24 hours after your order has been executed. Plus, there is no need to sign up.
The platform also charges pretty low fees. The fees range from 1-5%. Also, you can enjoy other discounts.
What's more? The website is also tor friendly which will encrypt all your transactions and locations. So none of your information gets leaked.

7. [url=https://mixer-btc.com]ChipMixer[/url]

First of all, there is the ChipMixer. This one is one of the popular Bitcoin mixers available out there, which is pretty easy to use and secure. The user interface is so simple that you don't need any technical expertise to use it.
The best part of this one is that it offers you full control over mixing. Plus, the outputs are fungible, meaning that each chip is exactly the same. Also, you can withdraw your private keys instantly, and it offers you faster outputs.
Along with that, it also allows you to merge small chops into big ones. Also, its first mixer allows you to merge inputs privately.
There is also no need to sign up for an account that makes your activity completely anonymous. Also, you get a receipt of receiving funds from ChipMixer, which will act as a signed source of funds.
What's more? The service uses predefined wallets to deliver your Bitcoin. This makes tracing impossible. Also, it functions as a donation only service.

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