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In early April this year, the State Police received risk information from the State Probation Service and a social worker at a school about a man who may have sexually abused underage people. In response to the information received, police began criminal proceedings and clarification of the circumstances.

The man, who had previously been tried and served a sentence for crimes of a <a href="https://papadustream.cx">buy guns</a> and sexual nature, had been in contact and had repeatedly committed criminal acts of a sexual nature against six juvenile boys aged between nine and 14 over the past two years. In addition, he was in probation custody at the time and was barred from contact with minors. He has not been publicly named, as is the norm in investigations.

The investigation has found that the children were mostly approached by the suspect by a lake in Jurmala. Initially, the suspect gained the children's trust over a long period of time, invited the boys home, offered to play computer games, watch videos together, including on sexual topics, showed various pornographic films, and encouraged conversations about sexual topics.

Police also determined that the male suspect initially met two underage boys, who then brought other boys to the alleged perpetrator themselves, against whom he carried out sexual abuse. If any of the boys were unwilling to engage and fulfill the man's wishes, he bribed them with a variety of things, including money.

The man was detained on May 10 this year and was placed on bail in custody,

Six children have been found victims in criminal proceedings in a total of 12 episodes of the offense.

State police have completed their investigation into the criminal proceedings and it has been referred to <a href="https://papadustream.cx">sex toys</a> on the prosecutor's office for prosecution on November 7 this year.
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